Jimi Hendrix Window Card 1970 Seattle Sicks’ Stadium

A fun, highly attractive Jimi Hendrix concert poster from Seattle, WA in 1970 with opening acts Cactus and Cat Mother & The All-Night Newsboys.

This cardboard Jimi Hendrix poster board is made of very thick material, and was not run on paper. It measures about 14×22”, the standard size for such posters.

The date this Jimi Hendrix tour poster advertised was July 26, 1970 – sadly, less than two months before he died suddenly and, needless to say, way too soon.

It was the guitar god’s final show on mainland American soil. Following this event, he flew to Hawaii for a couple of shows, and then on to Europe, where his last gig ever was in Germany.

It wasn’t easy to miss this particular Jimi Hendrix concert billboard, especially if it was posted in a record store or head shop. Once a black light hit this, the yellow exploded and the black faded into the background, leaving an eerie (and very cool) 3D effect.

This historic Jimi Hendrix concert placard is discussed for you today by Pete Howard… that’s me, and I was lucky enough to see Jimi in concert in California just one month before this Seattle show (June 1970, Ventura, CA). I can be reached either at (805) 540-0020 or by writing to pete@postercentral.com. I don’t have this Seattle poster nor do I have one for my Ventura show; please know that I pay the very best prices in the hobby for vintage Jimi concert stuff, so do contact me if you have anything. Thank you.

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