“The Tempting Temptations” 1967 Concert Window Card in Day-Glo Orange

A large, very attractive vintage Temptations concert poster advertising a show that took place on Friday, November 24, 1967 down in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This collectable show poster is highlighted by its size, 22 x 32”, and its amazing bright florescent red-orange coloring – which hasn’t faded a bit with time.

This cardboard Temptations poster board was designed and manufactured to last for only a few weeks… first to advertise the show, then to be discarded right afterwards.

So it’s with great pleasure that collectors find these decades later in decent shape… because such a high percentage of them were simply thrown away.

One thing you can say about this Temptations tour poster… it wasn’t easily missed. With this size and brightness, it would’ve been easy to spot across the street.

It’s remarkable that the Day-Glo inks used by its printer, the Globe Poster Company out of Baltimore, did not fade over time… they look as bright today as they did back then.

This Temptations billboard was a ‘tour blank’… used over the course of an entire tour. It’s a good thing this wonderful design wasn’t ‘wasted’ on just one city.

This particular stop was for Charlotte, but the tour played many other cities in the South as well. For instance, I’ve also seen this poster from the very next night, in Winston-Salem.

And I shouldn’t neglect the other acts on this Temptations in-person poster… how about The Marvelettes on there? What a Motown bonus!

All they did was score Motown’s very first-ever Number One pop hit, back in 1961 with “Please Mr. Postman.” And it is so cool that this important song title is also on the poster, under their name.

Then The Catalinas round out the opening act on this Temptations window display. They barely caused a ripple, sorry to say, and the song given for them didn’t even chart.

That’s the way it often is for these vintage soul-music concert signs… an act or two whose music you know well, and then a bottom-billed local band that most of us never heard of. It’s all good.

This Temptations concert placard was probably used for a good month or two, with thousands printed ahead of time, but maybe only 25-100 customized for each city.

That’s an educated guess on my part; unfortunately, the printing records of Globe Posters are not available for public scrutiny, if they even exist at all any more.

This original Temptations boxing-style concert poster is shown to you today by myself, Pete Howard, of San Luis Obispo, California. I’ve been a serious collector of old music concert posters since the early 1990’s. If you wish to reach me, just write pete@postercentral.com or call (805) 540-0020. I pay the very highest prices in the hobby, period, for old cardboard concert advertisements like this.

And to see a few more exquisite examples of Sixties-era colorful concert tour posters, just slip right over to this page: http://www.postercentral.com/multi-act_1960s.htm

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