Bob Dylan 1963 Concert Poster CORE Presents – Genuine & Reprint Compared

Today I show you both a genuine original and an oft-reproduced bootleg version of this important, early Bob Dylan window card.

It was used to sell tickets for Dylan’s show at the University Regent Theatre in Syracuse, NY on Sunday, Nov. 3, 1963.

The reproductions of this Bob Dylan broadside have been made for a long, long time, so many of them look quite old in themselves, making it all the more important to be able to tell the difference.

And luckily, I don’t just work with photos here… I had real-world examples of both versions to show you, and explain the difference.

This is a noted Bob Dylan placard because it combines great looks with an important cause: the Congress Of Racial Equality.

It states, “CORE presents” in the upper left-hand corner, above Dylan’s name.  1963 was a key year for Civil Rights in the country, and Dylan’s songs were an important part of the movement.

This Bob Dylan window poster – at least, the original one – measures 14 by 20 inches and was printed on thin cardboard stock.

As I explain in the video, the boots were made slightly smaller, so it is possible to tell with a ruler whether you have a pre-concert printing or not.

And you just have to live the main type font used on this Bob Dylan event poster… it just looks so great. Many Dylan posters of this era used just plain block lettering, so this one really stands out.

But it wasn’t unique… this style was actually used, on & off, over the course of a year or two by his management.

Another unusual thing about this Bob Dylan show placard is its horizontal orientation… it’s very catchy, and different.

Most concert posters of the day were oriented vertically, in order to easily be stapled to wooden telephone poles, etc.

But this Bob Dylan concert sign was surely displayed in store windows, on bulletin boards and so forth, so thin telephone poles weren’t really needed.

It’s simple black & white appearance is very striking as well, and just plain works.  It would not have been worth the money to add any colors to it.

This bit of vintage Bob Dylan concert memorabilia is shown to you today by first-generation fan Pete Howard, of California. I can be reached either through or by phoning [805] 540.0020.  As a fan and collector since the ’60s, I can assure you that I pay the very best prices in the hobby, period, for old Bob Dylan tour placards like this.

And if you’d like to see a few more outstanding examples of Bob Dylan concert announcements in the form of posters, just slide your mouse right over here:

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