Acid Test Poster UCLA 1966 Los Angeles – Crazy, Unique, Never-Seen Artwork

A truly wild, but unfortunately never used, original UCLA 1966 Can You Pass The Acid Test show poster that dazzles the eye and the bends the imagination.

This thing is small… about the size of an 8×10” handbill… but all of its characteristics point toward ‘poster.’ It’s quite possible that the original artwork was larger than this and then shrunk down for printing, a very common procedure.

The attention to finely penned detail on this UCLA 1966 Acid Test concert placard is really remarkable. Someone spent many hours on it.

But unfortunately, we don’t know who that someone is. The artist did not sign their work, unless their initials were “GSA” or “KH” and appear in the very bottom line, which is a bit cryptic.

None of the participants appear on this UCLA 1966 Acid Test window card, either. There’s no mention of the Grateful Dead, the Merry Pranksters, Allen Ginsberg or any of those folks.

This takes a different approach than all the other Acid Test posters. Perhaps mimicking the brand new posters up north at the Fillmore Auditorium which had just started, this one has detailed date, ticket and venue information.

In the lower right portion of this UCLA 1966 Acid Test event announcement it states: “Saturday March 19 – UCLA Student Union, Grand Ballroom – 8:00-1:30 – Students $1.50 at door – at ticket office.”

But it’s hard to make out the meaning of the rest of the last line. It pretty clearly says “gsa” in lower case… General Services Administration, maybe? And then “asUCLA”… associated students, perhaps? And then what is “KH” before “ticket office”… the name of a Hall on campus, or perhaps the graphic artist’s initials? So many unanswered questions.

All of these elements of intrigue just make this UCLA 1966 Acid Test ticket poster all the more fascinating. If you have any answers or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

My name is Peter Howard and I reside in California’s central coast, and I’m the one narrating the video of this UCLA 1966 Acid Test event sign. I can be contacted through or by just phoning (805) 540-0020. Please be aware that as a serious documentarian and collector, I pay the best prices in the hobby, period, for vintage Acid Test memorabilia like this.

And if awesome psychedelic posters are your thing, just slide over to this page on my Web site to see a few dandys from the sixties:

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