Gorgeous Day-Glo Jumbo Globe 1968 R&B Window Card – Jackie Wilson, B.B. King

A visually stunning 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe concert poster with amazing Day-Glo colors that pop out at you with a brightness that’s still fully intact almost 50 years later.

If you count the white poster board, which I certainly do, there are seven colors at play here to draw in your attention, with the florescent ones being red-orange, blue, green and yellow.

Just imagine yourself back in 1968 walking down a public sidewalk and then encountering this 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe placard in a store window. Is it safe to say you’d be stopped in your tracks?

And what’s amazing is how well the colors hold up, decades later. These Day-Glo inks that Globe Posters used simply don’t seem to fade with the passage of time, unless exposed to direct sunlight or florescent lights for long periods of time.

Jackie Wilson and Gene Chandler are the obvious headliners on this 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe window card. Jackie is the biggest name and most prolific hit-maker of the bunch; Gene was best known for his first hit record, “Duke Of Earl,” back in 1962.

But following them you have Wm. Bell, B.B. King, Barbara Acklin, The Fantastic 4, Emory and the Dynamics and Judy Clay. Rounding out the listings are ancillary talents Johnny Jones and the King Casuals Band, Peg Leg Moffet and the evening’s emcee, Gorgeous George.

Normally a jumbo poster from Globe would measure about 28” tall. But this cardboard 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe poster board measures out to three feet tall – 36 inches! What an amazing, commanding presence this thing had.

And it was made of rigid card stock, or cardboard as we call it, to withstand the weather elements. If paper versions of these things had been nailed up to walls, fences and telephone poles around town, they would have been damaged at the first sign of rain, for example.

I love the way this 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe in-person poster hails from Kansas City, MO. That was a great music town in the 1960s, especially for black music. It was truly part of the so-called “Chitlin’ Circuit.”

And you don’t have to guess at the city… it says right on there, “Municipal Auditorium, Main Arena, Kansas City, Mo.” Nicely takes the guess work away. So often these things would just say “Veterans Hall” and not give you any more clues as to the city.

Then the Thanksgiving holiday is identified on this 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe billboard. Quite often the promoters didn’t identify holidays, perhaps worrying that patrons would figure they were busy and not take action.

“Thur. Nov. 28 – 9:00 PM Until – Advance Admission $3.50 – At Door $4.00,” it says. “Tickets on Sale at All Shakey’s Pizza Houses, Municipal Auditorium Box Office and Parkview Drug Store, 27th & Benton.”

And then notice the radio station plug on this 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe window display. KUDL, the local soul-music radio station, was the concert’s co-presenter. They’re mentioned in the same breath as Shakey’s.

When I was growing up in California, we always ate at Shakey’s Pizza Parlors… so I felt right away that Shakey’s Pizza Houses on this poster was an error. Same company.

Gene Chandler is the most unusual name found on this 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe event poster. You just don’t see his name too often on these old concert posters, even with the success of “Duke of Earl.” He just didn’t tour much.

That’s in direct contrast to, say, Jackie Wilson and B.B. King, who actually appear quite frequently on these old window cards. They toured incessantly, and very often with traveling caravans like this.

This 1960s Supersonic Attractions Globe poster show placard is explained to you in this video by Pete Howard, residing on California’s central coast. If you’d like to reach me, just write to pete@postercentral.com or give me a call at (805) 540-0020. And please be aware that I pay the BEST PRICES IN THIS HOBBY, PERIOD, for original, vintage R&B and soul-music concert posters like this example shown today.

And if you’d like to see some more beauties every bit as nice as this one, just move your cursor over one page, to http://www.postercentral.com/multi-act_1960s.htm

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