Johnny Burnette’s Rock ’n Roll Trio Window Card 1956 Beyond Rare on Poster

An extremely scarce original concert poster for Johnny Burnette and the Rock ’N Roll Trio from 1956, the year they released their only LP record – and their highly influential single “The Train Kept A-Rollin’.”

This 14×22-inch cardboard poster was made by Hatch Showprint of Nashville, TN and kept for years in their files, which is why it was once quarter-folded down, with the crease marks remaining.

But still, any Johnny Burnette and the Rock ’N Roll Trio placard from the 1950s is a rare collector’s item, because they never achieved headliner status and were together for just the one year.

Notice that Carl Perkins is the headlining act here… but I have a separate video blog up of Perkins posters from the Fifties, so all of my attention here is on the much rarer opening act.

This Johnny Burnette and the Rock ’N Roll Trio in-person poster was printed with dark blue ink on a yellow background, making it more attractive to the eye than just straight B&W.

It advertised a show in Amory, Mississippi, not too far from Tupelo, Elvis’s birthplace. The venue was ‘The Armory,’ so you had a funny instance of “The Armory in Amory,” and I’m sure locals had fun with that.

This Johnny Burnette and the Rock ’N Roll Trio billboard promised a “2 Hour Rock and Roll Show” along the bottom, a message aimed squarely at teenagers of the day.

Notice how Johnny’s older brother Dorsey got the name-check on this particular poster… that was very unusual, because Johnny was the leader of the group, and in fact sometimes they were billed as just the “Johnny Burnette Trio.” So somehow, Dorsey grabbed the limelight on this window card. Why, we’ll never know.

This Johnny Burnette and the Rock ’N Roll Trio window poster is happily shown to you today by long-time musicologist and fan Peter Howard, of California’s central coast. I can be contacted thru either or by phone on [805] 540-0020. Please know that I pay the BEST PRICES IN THIS HOBBY, BAR NONE, for the best vintage concert-advertising window cards such as this… from 1920-1970 (but not beyond that).

To see a few more 1950s rock & roll window posters that are more attractive than this one, just slide your mouse over one page:

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