Arthur Gunter Concert Poster 1955 Elvis Presley Influence – “Baby Let’s Play House”

Today I’m able to show you FOUR vintage Arthur Gunter window cards from the 1950s, with all four of them carrying that all-important song title, “Baby Let’s Play House.”

That song was Gunter’s only charting single ever, in early 1955, but when a young Elvis Presley heard it, he recorded it himself for Sun Records, and it became the very first single that The King ever placed on a Billboard magazine singles chart. How important can you get?

The first cardboard Arthur Gunter poster board I trot out for you today is a ‘tour blank’… there’s no city, venue or date. There’s the usual blank area up top where that information would be printed in later.

But that’s OK, it’s a primitive but historic item that features the big word “DANCE,” Arthur’s name also in huge letters, a nice smiling head shot and three song titles down at the bottom, including the key one.

The next Arthur Gunter placard I reveal in this video is also a tour blank… no information up top, just blank space. This time Arthur’s the opening act for someone: blues harmonica player Little Papa Walter.

Both musicians get their photo on this one, Gunter’s songs have been reduced to just two… the A- and B-side of his key single, but no mention of “Honey Babe” this time.

The third Arthur Gunter in-person poster on display today also features him as an opening act… this time the year jumps to 1957, and our man is opening for Danny “Bad Boy” Carmichael.

Once again both artists get a photo, and this time Arthur’s song listings have been reduced to just one… but that’s OK, because it’s still the landmark “Baby Let’s Play House.” Elvis was at the peak of his worldwide fame by this point, so why list anything else?

And finally, the fourth Arthur Gunter billboard I’m able to show you in my video has him as the headliner over several other acts… five of them to be exact, one of them an M.C.

There’s no pictures of anybody on this one, but there’s still “Baby Let’s Play House” and even a different song that was a non-charting single for him four releases ago.

This Arthur Gunter window display – or actually, all four of them – are shown and discussed for you by Pete Howard, a huge fan and collector of Elvis Presley’s Sun Records years. Yes that’s me of course, and I can be communicated with by using either or by calling 805-540-0020.

Please remember that I pay the BEST PRICES IN THE HOBBY, period, for Elvis Sun-related stuff AND old vintage concert posters such as these.

Speaking of vintage rhythm & blues boxing-style concert posters, to see my gallery of a few more gems in this genre, just move over one page and feast your eyes here:

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