Grateful Dead Concert Poster 1967 Group Image Presents at NYC’s Cheetah

A wonderfully psychedelic Grateful Dead concert poster from June 1967 – right on the brink of the Summer of Love – from New York City’s Cheetah club.

The exact wording found on this poster: “The Group Image Presents – The Grateful Dead – Presents – The Group Image – Presents – The Cheetah – 53rd & Broadway

“For the Benefit of Their Community – Monday June 12, 8 PM – Lites By 3rd World & Pablo – All Come.”

Today’s video was produced and hosted by music historian Pete Howard from California. That’s me, and if you wish to speak, I can be contacted thru or by calling (805) 540-0020. Please know that I pay the best prices in this hobby, bar none, for cool, vintage and collectible 1960s concert posters (and older ones, too).

To see a few more samples of colorful, psychedelic late-’60s concert advertisements made for posting, just step over one page to this place:

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