“Pre-’66 Spectacular” 1960s Soul Music Concert Poster w/Jackie Wilson, Drifters, Temps, etc.

A really lovely, original jumbo R&B window card advertising a show from the summer of 1965 in Richmond, VA.

Although it was still summertime, this black-music advertising poster states “Pre ’66 Spectacular” across the top… jumping the gun a little bit, one might say, on the calendar. One might scratch their head and think, “Shouldn’t that phrase be saved for November and December?”

A number of famous musicians pepper this rhythm & blues show placard, but for me, it’s the color scheme that stands out the most.

It’s so very unusual that purple, green and yellow carry the day here… I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen that combination before. It’s all on a white background, and then red ink is used up top for the venue information – the fifth color to appear.

In my video, I actually show you two of these large R&B event posters. The first one is from Parker Field in Richmond, VA, with tickets available for purchase at Thalhimers, Globe, Barkys and Slaughter’s Hotel.

The second one I show you is the exact same poster but from eight days later, at the Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, TN. All they say here is, “Tickets at Usual Places.”

This big, beautiful R&B in-person poster is gleefully shown to you today by lifelong music fan and collector Peter Howard. Yes that’s me, I’m in love with these things, and if you want to discuss them, I can be reached via pete@postercentral.com or on (805) 540-0020. I’m always looking to add more to my collection, so please know that I pay the very best price in the hobby for any of these, bar none.

If you’d like to see a few more of these gorgeous, multi-act traveling caravan concert posters from the sixties, just slide over one space to this page here on my site: http://www.postercentral.com/multi-act_1960s.htm

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