Beatles Help! Electric Promo Display 1965 Capitol Records

A charismatic, fascinating 1965 Capitol Records promotional store display, with moving parts, for The Beatles’ new album at the time, the soundtrack to their Help! movie.

This Help! promo store display is enthusiastically discussed by long-time Fab Four fanatic Pete Howard. That’s me, and you can contact me at or by dialing (805) 540-0020. And remember that I willingly pay TOP DOLLAR IN THE HOBBY, bar none, for vintage Beatles Capitol Records retail store displays like this.

To read my big article from 1995 that discusses in-depth original Beatles point-of-purchase items from Capitol Records, just scroll over to this page right here on my site:

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1 Response to Beatles Help! Electric Promo Display 1965 Capitol Records

  1. perrinyone says:

    I can’t believe my eyes, I never was aware of this one (I’m a second gen fan, born in ’69 to 20-year old Beatle fanatics).

    As far as the “production” of this particular video…….this one gets the Oscar! For special effects, perfectly timed! What a fun piece! Really got a kick out of this one!

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